Tips on using a linear supply with the AppleTV X


Using a linear power supply with the AppleTV X can reach higher levels of performance

Qualifying and selecting one for it is different then selecting one for audio or networking gear. The AppleTV x has some unique power needs. A review of of this page should allow you to try out a linear supply. It is NOT certain it will improve picture or sound as each linear is different. With the best linear, picture and sound will improve. Sound is the biggest gain.

First up, and most important you need a linear with 12V with at least 2 amps of output. It must be well regulated and ultra low noise. It should have good transient response and noise less then 1mv. The AppleTV X connector is a 2.5/5.5 coaxial DC power connector. Center positive.

The supply needs to be "floating" or Balanced. This means the output minus terminal is not connected to ground. This isolation from ground is critical for good performance.




A good DC cable is required. The best performance is obtained from using a speaker cable type of wire. This should be as short as possible. We can supply a suitable cable with the correct ends for your supply.

The reason for this type of wire is a low impedance connection is required with the primary current draw spectra around 20-30hz and at 200-300hz at 200mA.


A tester comes with the AppleTV X. This MUST be used to verify the voltage and polarity BEFORE PLUGGING INTO THE APPLETV X

A set of adapters can be used with this meter to test many other devices




Using a linear supply can provide that last 10% and should always be used in high end systems.